Inter-County Play

  • ​​ICTA teams are organized on the basis that the strongest players play
  • ​​Team selection is based on past performance
  • Regular players need to be available for 75%, or 10 matches
  • In addition to weekly games are weekly team practices
  • For rules, procedures and dates check the inter-county website.

Ladies Inter-County 

  • Matches are played on Wednesday mornings 
  • ​A minimum of 8 women comprise a team
  • 4 courts of doubles are played
  • All match are best of 3 sets
  • Teams travel to other clubs set out by the Ladies Inter-County division head 

Mixed Inter-County 

  • Matches are played on Tuesday or Thursday nights respectively
  • ​12 players (minimum) on a team, 8 men, 4 ladies
  • 3 lines of doubles Mens matches
  • 1 line of ladies doubles matches
  • 2 lines mixed doubles ranked according to strength
  • All matches are best of 3 sets
  • Teams travel to other clubs set out by Inter-County C division convenor 

Junior Inter-County

  • Competitive, ages 10-17
  • "A" Boys, Saturday 1:00-3:00pm
  • ​Majors Mixed ages 12-17, Sundays 1:00-3:00pm

Mixed Intermediate/Advanced House League

  • Level of play 3.5 upward
  • ​Monday nights, for social play, in club

Low/Intermediate House League

  • Level of play 2.5 upward
  • Wednesday nights
  • Should be able to rally minimum of 10 times, serve and keep score accurately.​​

Stroke/ Strategy of the Week  (*new )

  • Work on a designated stroke or strategy with Coach Edward
  • Weekly sign up required. Contact Ann:
  • Minimum number of participants is 4, maximum is 8 
  • Extra fees apply  (we haven’t nailed down the amount yet)
  • Cost per week to be determined 

Cardio Tennis (*new)

  • Focus is on improving fitness levels by integrated tennis drills. 
  • Weekly sign up. contact Karen:
  • Cost per week to be determined 

To encourage healthy, active living through the sport of tennis. To teach juniors and adults the essential skill set for the sport of tennis. To promote positive attitude, sportsmanship and good sport etiquette amongst club members. To create and foster a love of the sport of tennis in our community.

Refund Policy: All membership, summer camp and program fees are non-refundable unless a long term injury has been sustained or there has been prolonged disruption of court use. 

Track your House League Teams progress,
​Join a tennis ladder

​Players can now track their house league team’s progress and view the house league schedule.  
Sign up as a network member (free) for full interactive privileges or just monitor your team’s progress (no need to become a member for that).  The network will be sponsored and administered
by True Milestones Inc., Real Estate Brokerage.
Nobleton Tennis League

About our Club

The Nobleton tennis Club was started 1994 by several local tennis enthusiasts with a mandate to bring competitive tennis leagues to the community. Today NTC has several competitive Inter-county teams as well as programs for those who prefer

noncompetitive tennis. In the past two years Nobleton and Kleinburg Tennis Clubs have had a reciprocal agreement to provide members with a wide range of opportunities to play each week. 

welcome to the 2018 tennis season

   junior group lessons
​   with the pro

      Junior Lessons – Six 1 hour lessons 100.00
      Tennis Pro Chris Kedrzycki uses Progressive

      Tennis, the European teaching method,  
      created to build the self confidence of 
      young players

     Please contact Ann Del Favero for registration

      information at


Please contact Ann Del Favero for registration information at