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About our Club

The Nobleton Tennis Club was started 1994 by several local tennis enthusiasts with a mandate to bring competitive tennis leagues to the community. Today NTC has several competitive Inter-county teams as well as programs for those who prefer noncompetitive tennis. The Nobleton and Kleinburg Tennis Clubs have a reciprocal agreement to provide members with a wide range of opportunities to play each week. 

welcome to the 2019 tennis season

To encourage healthy, active living through the sport of tennis. To teach juniors and adults the essential tennis skill set. To promote positive attitude, sportsmanship and good sport etiquette amongst club members. To create and foster a love for the game of tennis within our community.

​​Use and Understanding the reciprocal agreement with the Kleinburg Tennis Club:

Nobleton TC members may invite Kleinburg TC members as guests to play on the club courts during non program hours. The NTC member must be present & playing on the court at the time. If other NTC member(s) arrive and the courts are full, then the KTC guest needs to vacate the court (that means finishing the game you are in, not the set/match), and allow the NTC member(s) to use their own courts.

Nobleton members not permitted to lend out their club key to Kleinburg members or any non members.   

The reverse is true at Kleinburg TC: Kleinburg members may invite Nobleton members to play during non program hours. Same rules apply. Nobleton members must vacate the court if there are KTC members waiting to play. Finish the game you are in and leave the court. 

Although the Kleinburg courts are not locked, the courts are reserved for Kleinburg members during club hours unless an invitation has been extended by a KTC member or reciprocal programs are running.  For KTC club hours visit their website.

Reciprocal programs include:
Round Robins
Junior & Adult Inter-county Matches and Practices
Club Clinics & Lessons
House League
Tournaments and Socials by invitation of hosting club

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.  We want to ensure the courts are available first and foremost for members of their respective clubs.